Groundhog Day?

Dec. 14, 2008
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Stop me if you've heard this one before...

The Packers dominate a game, both in points and possession, fail to score all the points they should, have a fourth quarter lead and fail to bring home a victory.

I believe yesterday was the sixth loss of four points or less on the season.

Had the Packers won just half those games - or really, even just a third - the NFC North playoff picture would look completely different.

It's so much more heartbreaking when your team just barely misses than if they just completely suck that season. To know that this year's team was thisclose to following up last year's NFC Championship appearance with another playoff run is enough to make a Packer fan pull their hair out.

Once again, Aaron Rogers was forced into hurry-up mode in the final two minutes, where he's clearly not comfortable, and he threw an interception to end the game.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Rodgers clearly can't yet handle high pressure situations. I don't blame him for the interception or feel that the loss is his fault - the coach's need to realize that he's still young and he's just not accurate when he's forced into the two-minute drill.

Rodgers has exceeded my expectations this season, but the one thing that reminds us that he's all-but-a-rookie is his accuracy and touch when he feels the pressure is on. Whether it's nationally televised games or two-minute situations, Rodgers seems to miss-time routes, overthrow guys and generally lose all finesse when it comes to getting his receivers the ball.

Thankfully, this nightmare of a season is almost over and, if we're lucky, Ted Thompson will use Free Agency and the draft to fortify our offensive and defensive lines.


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