Late Night Catechism Canceled

Dec. 17, 2008
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With a headline like that on a night like this, I realize I run the risk of sounding a bit like a snow cancellation, but no—the ever-popular Catholic comedy starring a man playing a nun to an audience/classroom was scheduled to be staged at the Turner Hall Ballroom in January. The classy venue would’ve been an interesting place for the half stand-up routine/half monologue . . . but it’s been announced that the entire 01/13 – 01/25 Turner run of the show has been canceled due to “technical difficulties.”

Any questions can be directed to the Box Office at 414-286-3205.

(The continued, long-term success of this show is understandable considering the general popularity of Catholicism . . . but the single-person format renders a show that lacks the kind of inspired script Casey Kurtti developed for his 4-person comic drama Catholic School Girls—a really vivid production of which has turned out to be one of Boulevard Theatre’s more memorable stagings of the past few years. Covering much of the same ground as Late Night Catechism in a much more accomplished fashion, Kurtti’s 1989 comedy really deserves more stage time nationwide . . . )


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