Weezer Celebrates Christmas, Fuels Culture War

Dec. 23, 2008
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It's probably safe to say that Weezer's iTunes (and iPhone!)-only Christmas With Weezer is the weirdest, laziest 14-minute Christmas album ever. Whether they were being cheeky or earnest by doing six quick-as-hell, by-the-books covers of the most obvious Christmas traditionals possible (including "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and "Silent Night") is impossible to tell, but by keeping these hymnals as stripped-down as possible they've actually recorded their most Blue Album-ish album since the Blue Album. No "Beverly Hills" meathead-isms here, just some fuzzy guitars, boyish charm and a "let's cut this thing and get back to the beach" urgency (indifference?)

Oh yeah, and there's this: The album has further fueled the culture war on Amazon.com. Reviewer Anna Louis Mckamey from Villa Rica, Ga., seems genuine when she comments that she likes "the fact that they unapologetically sung songs about Christ," awarding the album four of five stars.

But in a snarky five-star review, Richard from Florida (no last name) goes off on imaginary enemies like Bill O'Reilly on a Wal-Mart greeter wishing him "happy holidays."

"I must say," Richard gloats, "that I was quite surprised that Weezer was covering traditional Christmas songs especially in the politically correct day and age that we live in."

Thank you, Weezer, for providing us with order during these godless times.


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