Boring Bowl Games

Dec. 31, 2008
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Today was my one and only down-time day to hang out and watch football games from start to finish and the games were really disappointing.

Who would have though that the VA Tech/Cincinnati Orange Bowl would be the best game of the day?

Too bad that by the time this game was on, I was burned out on football.

The Big Ten is not showing well, notching just one win so far (thanks Iowa!) ESPN is scrolling conference bowl records on the ticker and the Big Ten is at the end of the list. It's extremely depressing to watch.

The brother's girlfriend is a die-hard Georgia fan, so I was looking forward to some serious taunting today, but Sparty barely showed up for the contest, and Georgia (and Knowshon Moreno) ran away with the game.

Thankfully, the Georgia punter literally whiffed on a punt (how do you do that?), so there was still taunting. I was driving home from the resort at the time, so I didn't see it, but the radio announcers couldn't keep themselves from laughing and one of them said, "I've never seen THAT before." OUCH

Didn't get to see the LSU game last night, though their 35 first-half points were a record and probably pretty fun to watch. The score at half was 35-3 and it ended 38-3, so I'm guessing the second half wasn't too exciting.

After the disappointment of both the Packers' and Badgers' seasons, I was looking forward to seeing the football season out with some good games - you know, where your team doesn't give up a fourth quarter lead and leave you crying?

Of all the big names playing each other, I find it fitting that two smaller schools like VA Tech and Cincy were the ones that put on the best show.


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