Searching for Soccer Moms

Jan. 1, 2009
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The Boulevard Theatre recently announced open auditions for its late February comedy. Originally, the Boulevard had intended on doing Shakespeare’s As You Like It, but various concerns switched the Boulevard’s plans to something more modern with a much smaller cast. The show in question is Kathleen Clark’s Confessions of a Soccer Mom . . . a play formerly known as simply Soccer Moms. The script calls for three women—one in her twenties, another in her thirties and another in her forties. Judging from the excerpt of the script available online, this looks like a pleasant slice of life comedy with some snippets of rather clever dialogue.

It runs 90 minutes without intermission, which is particularly pleasant for those of us who see a lot of theatre. Making its local premiere, the play debuted in New York some five years ago, but it still feels very modern. The Boulevard did a very similar play a few years back as Thomas Rosenthal and Jason Powell starred in Rounding Third—a comedy about a pair of little league coaches who interacted with each other and imaginary little leaguers who existed somewhere beyond the theatre seats. Here we have three women doing the same thing in a very similar comedy, scheduled to be directed by Ruth Boulet. With the right cast, this could be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping that the right cast DOES show up for the open audition on January 12th from 6:30- 9pm. After that, the first read through is scheduled for January 19th. The show opens February 25th.


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