And Speaking Of Auditions . . .

Jan. 2, 2009
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Do you look like a partially grow-up character from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip? Would you like to exhibit your somewhat odd appearance to total strangers onstage in the interest of art? Well, you’re in luck . . . Racine’s Over Our Head Players has announced auditions for its production of Dog Sees God this February. Over Our Head’s production of the edgy modern deconstruction of Schultz’s comic archetypes runs March 27 though April 11th, giving prospective cast members plenty of time to prepare for a February 3rd audition at Racine’s 6th Street Theatre at 7pm.

At the risk of sounding like an experimental/DIY theatre snob, Dog Sees God is kind of an edgy choice for a suburban theatre company. The dark comedy of a group of decades old Peanuts characters who have finally reached high school at some point in the past ten years is very, very grim. If I’m not mistaken, the play made its local debut at the Astor Theater with Raymond Bradford’s RSVP Productions not too long ago. The Over Our Head production should be interesting . . . IF they manage to find the right actors. They’re looking for male and female actors 18 – 40. It's kind of a big cast. They need four men and four women. For more information, call the 6th Street Theatre Box Office at 262-632-6802.


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