Party at the Golden Globes

Jan. 11, 2009
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Used to be Id laugh at the Golden Globs. After all, it began when a bunch of nonentities decided to through a big party and pass out awards. Of course, the Globes became important years ago when the stars stopped laughing and agreed to walk down the red carpet. Its a chance for the women to try out their gowns and, for all contenders, a milestone on the road to Oscar night.

But the Globes honor both television and film with a track record Hollywood deems idiosyncratic. Last night included a quirky touch with Sally Hawkins winning as Best Actress (Comedy) for Happy-Go-Lucky. One thing the Globes have gotten right is segmenting comedy from drama in the acting categories. As for Hawkins perky performance? Winning a Globe may sustain her run in the Oscar nominations but probably wont deliver her the Best Actress award on the Big Night.

As a historical indicator for the Academy Awards, the Globes have had a decent score with Best Picture. Last night it was given (in the drama category) to the deserving Slumdog Millionaire. Director Danny Boyle also took home the Best Director trophy. Altogether, his hip art house film earned four awards, which should at least gain it some attention among Oscar voters. In another forecast of the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes put on the glitz, figuring that the public wants to escape the woes of everyday into old-fashioned cinematic glamour. They are right.


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