Wisconsin Native Makes "Idol" Cut

Jan. 14, 2009
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Last night's Kansas City auditions episode of "American Idol" introduced a contestant who is apparently the first Wisconsin native to make the initial cut this season, Jamar Rogers. Don't get too swept up in Badger pride, though, since it's unlikely he'll be along too much along. Despite his likable demeanor and loud fashion sense, Rogers' possesses one of those overblown musical-theater voices that audiences are indifferent to and that the show's judges love to rip on. (The Broadway voice was what did in the otherwise talented Syesha last season"American Idol" viewers have a high tolerance for artiface, obviously, except when it so blatantly manifests itself vocally).

Though it's unlikely Rogers will see too much screen time this season, he could stick around in the background because of his much more promising friend, Danny Gokey, who auditioned with him and possessed not only a surprisingly soulful croon but also one of the more poignant sob stories (dead wife). He could be a contender for a while.

[By the way, here's an "Idol" disclaimer for this blog: I'm not a huge TV watcher and tend only to catch the show in passing, so take my insights with a healthy heaping of salt. That being said, I will weigh in occasionally because that's part of the show's fun: Everyone gets to voice their opinion about it; it's a show ready-made for blog culture. Anyway, I usually root for the most traditionally powerful soul singer, usually a third-tier finalist that's weeded out well before the finale. Smart money is on that being the case this year, too.]


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