Wisconsin Basketball: Kind of Embarrassing

Jan. 14, 2009
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Up by 14 points with under 14 minutes left to play, the Badgers decided to stop playing defense and ended up losing the game in OT.

As if it weren't bad enough to blow the kind of lead that came from absolutely dominating the opposing team after you'd started the game down 10-2, the Badgers did it in the most lackluster, pathetic fashion.

Minnesota crept back in, little-by-little, so that it was a single digit deficit before you really noticed. Suddenly, the Badgers realized they were on auto-pilot and instead of settling back into a rhythm, started playing defense like a kid on the playground. They were out of place, flat-footed and ugly. They were jumping past defenders, allowing them to duck for a second and then take a wide-open shot.

In the final minute, Minnesota drained two three-pointers when they're defenders were out of place and off-balance. Both times, the defender bit on the fake, diving past the guy and allowing him time and space to size up the long ball.

It was disappointing and disheartening to watch after the Badgers had so thoroughly taken control of the game in the second part of the first half.

The late-game loss should be familiar to Wisconsin sports fans - the Packers patented the move this year.

Don't tell me you didn't get deja vu when you saw a team giving up big plays, showing little-to-no defense and ultimately losing a game they had been controlling for most of the clock.


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