No Deals Yet at Circuit City

Jan. 17, 2009
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Circuit City's 60-day liquidation of its remaining stores was supposed to begin yesterday, but when I visited the chain's South 76th Street location yesterday hoping to score some discounted CDs I didn't find any actual deals. The store was filled with likeminded bargain hunters who saw plenty of "All Sales Final" signs, but no actual sales.

I suppose it's still early, but the dearth of discounts makes for a fitting coda to America's least loved big box retailer. The chain was infamous for mediorce deals, meh prices, bad service and too-good-to-be-true Black Friday sales where "at least one per store" often meant "only one per store."

While my last trip to Atomic Records was like painful a visit with a dying relative, my last trip to Circuit City felt like... well, nothing. In months I'll forget that the store even existed. Cold and impersonal, Circuit City embodied everything people hate about big box outlets.


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