Speedfreaks Album Art Destroys Milwaukee

Jan. 20, 2009
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In advance of their album release shows this weekend, Erin Wolf has a great profile of Milwaukee punk vets the Speedfreaks in this week's issue of the Shepherd, but there was one noteworthy detail she wasn't able to work into the article: The album's cover was drawn by heavy-metal artist Joe Petagno, the man behind so many of Motorhead's classic covers.

It's one of his best designs, too. Winged, skull-like demons tear through Milwaukee's humble skyline. The U.S. Bank building is ablaze, while the time-keeping portion of the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is ripped from its foundation. The art below the fold reveals that Milwaukee is getting it from both ends. While the top of the city is besieged by lightning and flame, the bottom is swept up by a Lake Michigan tsunami:




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