Kings Go Forth Debut New Tracks

Jan. 21, 2009
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You know those three Kings Go Forth tracks that you've been streaming on the group's Myspace page for the last six months? Well, they've added three more. The first two, "Now We're Gone" and "High On Your Love," expand on the basementy, analoguey soul of their debut 45, recreating the warm sounds of the '60s without falling back on kitsch. A third, "Don't Take My Shadow," modernizes their sound somewhat, bringing it into the '70s for a glossier, more polished stab at Curtis Mayfield's cinematic funk.

They pull the '70s off well, though my guess is their burgeoning fan base would prefer they stick to small-scale, Esquires-era soul and avoid turning into a modern-day BT Express. Funk bands are a dime a dozen. Its Kings Go Forth's ear for older R&B that makes the group a true commodity.


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