Muzzle of Bees Shares 1992 Shank Hall Pavement Show

Jan. 21, 2009
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Christmas came a good 11 and a half months early this year: Muzzle of Bees has posted a ridiculously high-quality live recording of Pavement's concert at Shank Hall from June 13, 1992two months after Slanted and Enchanted came out. That album makes up most of the setlist, of course. The band's early singles like "Box Elder," "Forklift" and "Home" had already been excised from its set list.  Curiously, "Spizzle Trunk" makes the cut, though, but the band's infamously unreliable drummer Gary Young apparently goes AWOL during it.

"Oh Gary where the fuck are you?," Malkmus sings. "Where the fuck is Gary?"




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