Concerned Concert-goers

Feb. 2, 2009
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A group of four "concerned concert-goers" has drafted up a letter to the Pabst Theater that they also sent over the Shepherd:
Dear Pabst Theater,

We are writing to formally lodge a complaint. Why do you keep changing venues for your shows? Actually, we know why, it is so you can make more money, at the expense of the concert-goer. We understand that moving the venue allows more people to see the show; however, the quality of the show is then diminished for everyone--even though the ticket price remains the same.

Specifically, we are writing about the Animal Collective show from Turner, and the Neko Case show from the Pabst, to The Riverside.

Venue is a deciding factor in whether or not to attend a performance. We bought these concert tickets based partly on location, only to have them changed soon after. For these shows, we were concerned about the tickets selling out early, so we bought the tickets as soon as possible. We don't want to be punished for other people's lack of initiative. Had the location been different originally, we may have made a different decision.

While we are not asking for our money back or a ticket exchange, we do want to bring our, what is becoming consistent, buyer's remorse to your attention.

In our opinion, The Riverside is not conducive to the following desires of many concert-goers:

-Coming late -Buying drinks during the show
-Using the bathroom during the show and still hearing the concert
-Picking up a hottie
-Not having your view blocked by a pillar
-Seeing the stage

In our opinion, The Riverside should only be used for the following:

-Chinese acrobatics
-Shows for old people
-Shows for people who don't like to stand
-Laser light shows

Thank you for your time and attention. We hope you will consider our points for future shows.


Kate Negri, Michael Neuman, Beth Schneeberger, and Katy Stanton

p.s. We're only half joking.
p.p.s. We really do think this is a valid point.


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