Pump, pump, pump it up...

Feb. 4, 2009
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After 98.3's Basement Crew played this track a couple weeks backódamn the "embedding disabled by request" option on YouTubeóI finally broke down and got Joe Budden's 2003 debut album. I'm glad I waited until the price dropped to about a dollar on Amazon's seller stores; though ideally I wouldn't have cracked at all. It's a really clumsy album that never lives up to its single: Budden is a mediocre rapper who loses his train of thought easily, and save for the occasional Just Blaze contribution, the manic, blurting production doesn't do him any favors. Oh well. I'll always have "Pump it Up" and the summer of 2003.¬†

Incidentally, there's another Fast and Furious movie coming out this spring, shortly after Budden's very, very delayed second album sees release later this month. Odds of Budden scoring another hit on the soundtrack? Not good.


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