103.7 Kiss FM Drops Chris Brown

Feb. 9, 2009
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First Wrigley gum dropped Chris Brown's promotional campaign yesterday, now the Milk Campaign has pulled Brown's "Got Milk" ads. But more troubling for the R&B singer: Radio stations have stopped playing his music, too.

I called Kiss FM to ask about the absence of Brown from the station's playlists this afternoon and a DJ confirmed "he's done for now." (Rihanna is still in regular rotation, though, which is to say you can still literally hear at least a song featuring her every half hour).

Details are scarce in the Chris Brown/Rihanna case and no abuse charges have been filed yet, but in the court of public opinion, Brown has already been found guilty. It's a spectacular fall for one of R&B's most promising stars, and short of absolute acquittal, there's no way Brown can emerge with his career unscathed: You can't rough up one of the biggest, most beloved (and procelain fragile) pop stars on the planet and survive the resulting PR fallout.


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