High Schoolers show sportsmanship isn't dead

Feb. 16, 2009
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Read this on ESPN (actually saw the link on Twitter) and it's about a game between DeKalb (Ill.) High School and Milwaukee Madison.

One of the Madison players had just lost his mother and wasn't planning on playing. He showed up late to the game, having decided to play. He wasn't on the scorebooks because no one expected him to be there, so if he played, the team would have to take a technical.

The other team, however, chose not to "take" the free throws.

It's nice to know good guys still exist and not everyone's playing for the money (or possibility thereof) all the time.

All this came after DeKalb had waited upwards of two hours for the game to begin because the team's coach was at the hospital with the player. DeKalb had even said it was ok to cancel the game, but the Madison coach felt bad they'd driven so far. So DeKalb said "take all the time with your team you need, we'll play when you're ready."

Even further - the coach then wrote a letter to the DeKalb newspaper thanking the team, coach and community.

Great story.


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