Marquette vs UConn

Feb. 24, 2009
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Tonight’s match up has got to be the biggest games Marquette has played since the 2003 Final Four.

UConn comes to town with a nine-game undefeated streak on the road while Marquette has a 17-game home winning streak. Obviously, something’s going to have to give.

Marquette is the Big East’s most prolific scoring team while UConn is the league’s best defense.
Working against Marquette is the fact that the Huskies are also coming off a loss at home on the 16th to Pitt, who lost last night to Providence.

Though UConn looms over MU size wise, working in MU’s favor is the fact that UConn is missing guard Jerome Dyson.


MU hasn't hosted an opponent when both teams were ranked in the top 10 since 1979.


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