Circuit City Sold Out of Everything

Feb. 28, 2009
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I made one last stop to America's least-loved big box this afternoon hoping to score some of the 60%-off CDs the Circuit City commercials have been promising in bold letters. No luck. The location at South 76th Street was sold out of pretty much everything; literally all DVDs and CDs were gone. The few televisions and computers left weren't particularly marked down, and they seemed... shady. At this point the store was selling off its fixtures, and even those seemed like a pretty bad deal (most of them looked pretty busted). 

If you want broken TV stands, cameras with no chargers, moderately discounted off-brand iPod armbands or as-is "new" laptops that look suspiciously used, Circuit City can help, but at this point the typical garage sale offers better selection and a more forgiving return policy.


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