New songs from Ghostface, Method Man and Redman

Mar. 4, 2009
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A great day for new song leaks. First Method Man and Redman drop a long overdue new song, and it sounds like it was preserved in amber from 2000 (in a good way), and then Ghostface of all people emerges with a song that addresses the Rihanna/Chris Brown debackle. With unusual earnestness but no undue sentimentality, Ghostface shows his support for victimized women, including the pop star, encouraging them to resist the allure of the bad boys that so many other pop songs romanticize. Best of all, the untitled track draws its beat from the smoothest song of 2002, Glenn Lewis' "Don't You Forget It."

Now if we could only get some new music from Glenn Lewis. That poor guy deserves a chance to make another record.


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