In Tandem's Cast of 3 for Old, Wicked Songs.

Mar. 5, 2009
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(L to R) Chase Stoeger, the Piano, Richard Carsey

In Tandem Theatre began its penultimate show of the season last night as the Tenth Street Theatre opened its doors for Old Wicked Songs—a drama about an American student being taught music in contemporary Vienna. It’s a pleasure to see the interaction teacher, student and piano.

After the production closes March 22, Chase Stoeger (who plays the student) will, presumably, continue to crochet, marry Molly Rhode and continue to prepare for summer productions with the American Folklore Theatre.

Richard Carsey (who plays the teacher) continues to be the Principal Conductor of the Skylight Opera. He’ll be officiating the Stoeger and Rhode’s wedding this spring.

The Piano, however . . . will merely return to the lobby of the Tenth Street Theatre. (No word on whether or not it has been invited to the wedding.) It is rare that a piano gets to perform directly onstage in a dramatic play. The piano in question puts in a remarkably good performance. It’s nice to see a piano getting such prominent stage work in so intimate a space. The piano has been with the theatre since In Tandem opened the space jus a short time ago. It has come to the Tenth Street Theatre from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, where it undoubtedly had a long and distinguished career. It seems to rest onstage with considerably more pride than it can muster in the lobby. As the temperature tends to fluctuate in the lobby, the piano might have a tendency to get a bit more tense than would befit an instrument of its caliber. In the interest of maintaining the well-being of such an instrument, In Tandem is looking to raise $500 toward the cost of installing a humidifier system in it to help regulate its internal moisture content. Those fond of local pianos are encouraged to help out  an old friend.


Richard Carsey, Chase Stoeger and The Piano star in Old Wicked Songs now through March 22nd.

 A  comprehensive review of the show will appear in the Shepherd-Express.


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