Insurgent Theatre and the end of KING LEAR

Mar. 8, 2009
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Insurgent Theatre recently announced its participation in an exquisite corpse-like production of King Lear as performed by a group of experimental theatre companies in the a space known as Bedlam up in the twin cities.

Every so often, a group of experimental theatre companies get together in a pre-designated spot to do a production of a Shakespeare play. Each one is assigned an act to work with and allowed to come-up with whatever they decide to do with the act. All acts are brought together in a single performance. Local DIY group Insurgent Theatre has been chosen to do the final act. Those interested in participating are encouraged to show-up at the Cream City Collectives on 732 East Clark St. March 23rd and 24th between 6 and 9 pm. The show in Minnesota is scheduled for May 28th – 31st, but that may change. Exactly what Insurgent has planned is uncertain, but at least one prominent theatre guy has described it as being “f@#$cked-up.” 

Interested parties are encouraged to meet with Insurgent Theatre at the auditions at Cream City Collective between March 23rd and 24th.



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