Did Phish Narc Out Their Phans?

Mar. 9, 2009
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Headlines about Phish's reunion concerts this weekend in the Hamptons have been overshadowed in the last 24 hours by news about drug busts at the concert: Over $1.2 million in drugs were confiscated which is... a lot.

There's an angle to the story that isn't getting much play right now. Much of the police presence at these shows was paid for by the band itself, presumably to reduce the band's liability for any crimes that occurred during the show. So are fans pissed off that the band was behind the crack down, as some blogs have suggested?

Not that I can tell. I scoured various Phish blogs and message boards for longer than I care to admit, and couldn't find much discussion about the alleged double-crossing. I'd be interested in hearing from any Phish fans who do think this was a betrayal, but right now that doesn't appear to be a widely held sentiment.


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