Badger Women's Hockey Wins WCHA

Mar. 9, 2009
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Congrats to the ladies for winning their fourth title in five years.

More than once this season I have said how much it sucks for the Badgers that in a season where they were undefeated more than halfway through the season and have just a few losses (I'm at work and can't access the internet to find the exact number - thank goodness Blogger's a Google company so I'm allowed access) that not only is another team in the country having a stellar season - but it's a team in the same conference.

The records that Minnesota and Wisconsin have compiled are incredible and not close to being matched anywhere else in the country. In any other season, either team would be dominating everyone else. Unfortunately for both teams, they're doing it in the same season.

The two teams met in a WCHA playoff yesterday that the Badgers won 5-3 to take the conference crown.

The Badgers were in the tourney no matter what, but now snag the automatic bid and will host someone at the Kohl Center, likely this Saturday afternoon, to start the NCAA tourney.


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