In Tandem Hosts Robert Schumann

Mar. 14, 2009
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Easily the best show currently running in Milwaukee, In Tandem Theatre's Old Wicked Songs is a brilliantly delivered piece of comic drama. The show features excellent performances by Richard Carsey and Chase Stoeger as accompanied by piano. Carsey plays a voice instructor teaching a brilliant pianist played by Stoeger. The teacher uses--Dichterliebe--a piece by Robert Schumann to teach the student the importance of passion. Composed in 1840, the piece has a brilliant resilliance to it heard in brief snippets over the course of the play.

Tonight at 5pm, In Tandem hosts a performance of Robert Schumann's piece in its entirety as performed by tenor Nathan Wesselowski and pianist Richard Carsey. For those who haven't already seen the play, this is an excellent opportunity to round out the weekend with some really beautiful music. For those who have seen the play, this is an opportunity to see Carsey play the totality of Dichterliebe with a really great tenor.

In Tandem's Old Wicked Songs coninues through March 22nd.


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