I heart Dan Fitzgerald

Jan. 7, 2008
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Seriously, not so much. In fact, I spend a lot of most games cursing Dan Fitzgerald and his poor shot selections. But tonight, he hit a three to ice a pretty turbulent game for Marquette.

The final score was Marquette 61, Seton Hall 56 but Marquette didn't get the lead until there was 4:46 left in the game. It seemed as though Marquette couldn't buy a basket and didn't help themselves with sloppy play and poor shooting and shot choices.

The scariest part of the night came late in the game when Dominic James went up for a wide open layup and Seton Halls' Jamar Nutter ran him down while he was in mid-air. James landed awkwardly on top of Nutter and was taken off the court a short time later, presumably for x-rays. He later came back and re-entered the game, but you can be certain their will be a "wrist watch" this week as we determine the fate of James and the fate of the rest of Marquette's season.


Random aside: Near the end of the game a graphic was put up showing Marquette's upcoming games. Notice something wrong with this picture??? Who knew UConn changed their logo!

And the closeup:


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