Codebreaker Moves the Crowd

Mar. 18, 2009
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The worst thing about South By Southwest is seeing so many bands get eaten alive on stage. For every sleeper group that plays to a huge, adoring crowd, theres two playing to mostly empty rooms. Its a common trap, but one that Milwaukees Codebreaker easily avoided, since they brought along something to Austin that most bands dont: fans.

Seven or eight of the bands friends followed the group to Austin and stood front and center for their prime-time show Wednesday night at Rusty Spurs (a somewhat douche-baggy bar with an incongruously nice stage). The built-in crowd helped draw people to the dance floor immediately, and Codebreaker kept them there with their hooky dance-rock synthesizers and Sugar Hill Gang-styled funk, the heavy bass luring a steady stream of jovial passersby from the street.


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