ASA Candidate Annie Woodward Files Finance Forms

Mar. 29, 2009
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ASA candidate Annie Woodward may want to proofread her campaign finance forms, because it appears that some information is missing.

The latest form, dated March 29 and signed by Feisal J. Salahadyn, shows that she took in $3,140 during this period, $2,540 of which came from individuals. Woodward reports that a $600 in-kind contribution came from the Concerned Realtors Committee on Feb. 12.

But what about the other PAC contributions Woodward received?

ASA-PAC reported that it contributed $600 to Annie Woodward for Education on Feb. 5. I cant find it in any of her campaign finance reports.

Woodward also received $300 on March 26 from the Milwaukee Fund for Public Education, a conduit run by Kathy Ronco, head of the Highland Community School. Thats missing from Woodwards campaign finance report.

Annie, let me know if you report these donations, OK?


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