Interview: Nicole Reid Curates Spring "Peep Show"

Mar. 31, 2009
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Often seen attending to Tory Folliard Gallery in the Historic Third Ward, Nicole Reid curates her very own 4th Edition of the "Easter Peep Show." Traditionally held on Palm Sunday, a week before the actual holiday, the classic spring candy inspires her exhibit where Reid invites anyone (non-professional or professional inventive individuals), to create art fashioned from marshmallow Peeps. This year the Sugar Maple at 441 East Lincoln Avenue hosts the exhibition on Sunday, April 2nd from 2:00-6:00 p.m., where Reid believes people will celebrate the season and fill the bar with sweet ingenuity.

Q: What inspired you to introduce this unique exhibition?

A: I love Easter, and Easter is my favorite holiday when I always have a party. One year we made peep s'mores at my house and they added a great sugary crunch to the s'more. They are such an iconic Easter candy and fun to work with. And Cathyrine Friedmann has been a friend who loves peeps as well and is helping me out this year.

Q: What other special features are included with the exhibition this year?

A: The cafÚ has a long bar and a separate room, which we will be using in the backfor the show. The bar will also be serving a special drinkÔÄ»The Peep Pink Lady, a pastel pink martini. We hope to have baskets on the bar filled with Easter candy. We are also asking for a two-dollar donation to benefit the Bay View Community Center, which was chosen by the bar for its charity

Q: Do artists participate in this spring show?

A: We have a number of artists in the show with everything from sculpture to paintings. Bridget Griffith Evans does work that she sells, so does Mark Cherek Photography. You may sell any of your work without commissions. We want to be an informal, unassuming, unpretentious, unintimidating art show.

Q: Do you or your husband, artist Bill Reid, do anything for the exhibit?

A: Bill and I have created colored photography from our recent trip to Maui. It's filled with peeps, the prints are really fun, and we used a pink bunny. Bill actually burns peeps into sculptures, one into the body of a guitar. We have sculptures from three years ago that still keep their color. The eyes on peeps are still hand stamped, so you have to really check the packages otherwise they can look deformedÔÄ»like they have Alice Cooper eyes.

Q: How does one enter "The Peep Show" exhibit?
A: Anyone can bring their artwork to the Sugar Maple if its inspired by Peeps. You bring it that afternoon and set it up, even sell it. People use all color of peeps, chicks and bunnies. The only thing is that you also take it away if it's not sold. We've had painting, photography, sculpture, wall hangings, lamps. Just be inspired by Peeps, that marshmallow treat.


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