Take the Blue Pill

Apr. 5, 2009
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With only a couple of months left in the season, most theatre companies are winding-down. There’s a kind of a natural rhythm to a standard August/September through May season that seems to keep most theatre companies relatively sane. There are those theatre venues, however, that operate year round. And for those with no definite beginning and end to a season, sometimes things get weird . . . and inside jokes get weirder. An email reached me last night at least five days late for April 1st.

It was from Aaron Kopec for the Alchemist Theatre.

The only line of explanation Aaron gave was:

“sometimes personal jokes go too far.”

The email included this link:

Oddly enough, though I’m not at all in on the joke . . . it’s still kind of funny.

Not sure why.

Two months left in the season . . .
Less than one week late for April 1st , , ,


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