You! Me! Sitting?

Apr. 5, 2009
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Friday's Los Campesinos! concert was every bit as euphoric as the band's albums would have you believe, but the venue didn't do the show any favors by filling the dancefloor with... cocktail tables. Lots and lots of cocktail tables, cumbersomely placed so that much of the crowd stood toward the back of the hall while mostly empty tables ate up the good spots.

Sadly for the passive observers, this was one of those shows where enjoyment  was directly proportional to how much sweat each concertgoer worked up. I suspect the back half of the crowd probably wondered what all the hype was about, but the frenzied circle around the stage certainly got what they came for: lots of dancing, jumping and shouting, and a killer one-song encore delivered partially offstage, where the touchy crowd pawed at the group.

Stephanie McNutt captures the festive spirit of the show's frontlines nicely in her review at Decider.

Photo credit: CJ Foeckler


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