Bay Players Stages Senior Follies

Apr. 7, 2009
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The Bay Players’ Director Raymond Bradford has announced the theatre company’s Spring show . . . it’s a light comedy by Billy St. John centered around a group of seniors in a retirement home. Billy St. John’s 2002 comedy Senior Follies has the kind of biting wit that could appeal to most audiences. With the plot being such as it is, it’s not exactly safe comedy—the story involves Howard--a sexually active member of the community who has discovered the wonders of Viagra. Other members of the home are relieved when someone moves-in who is actually seems okay . . . even happy with Howard’s advances, but she might not be what she appears . . . 

Bradford has opted to fill the cast with actual seniors for the show, which could prove to be quite interesting. Bradford says there’s only one young character in the play. A largely senior cast for a show is rarely done in Milwaukee, so this could be fun.

One of the  oldest community theatres in the area, The Bay Players will soon be launching their 60th season. Many of those in the cast have been performing in Bay Player productions for some 20 years. The cast includes Mark Ninneman, Allison Roth, Harvey Altshull, Barb Weber and Gerry Kasik.

Bradford has been busy these past four weeks getting the cast ready for the comedy, which runs April 17th – 24th at the Whitefish Bay High School Auditorium. For more info call 229-9040.


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