2009, The Year Baltimore Club Broke?

Apr. 8, 2009
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For all the fervor, Baltimore club music, a regional strain of house-infused rap music, has seen little light outside of its native Baltimore, but that looks to be changing this year. Genre pioneer DJ Blaqstarr's status is growing nationally, while Baltimore club may have a potential star in a plucky rapper (and sometimes M.I.A. protege) named Rye Rye. And now, this month, the scene has what might be its first charting single: DJ Class' hypnotic, criminally catchy and admirably simple "I'm The Ish," which just cracked the Rhythmic Top 40 charts, and is beginning to receive airplay around the country. (The song was all over the place in Austin this year; though I haven't heard it on Milwaukee radio yet). Universal Records has taken over distribution of DJ Class' upcoming album, and as part of the promotional push the song has already been remixed three separate times with Kanye West, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri.¬†≠

It's on track to be everywhere by this summer:≠


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