Danny Gokey Covers Lykke Li. Seriously.

Apr. 22, 2009
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Love it or hate it, the most popular show on television, "American Idol," is also the oddest show on television.

In one of the show's most brazenly cheesy features, every week its contestants dress up in elaborate costumes to film a Ford commercial/music video, only to be mostly edited out of the final product in favor of footage of trucks. Often they sing along to Top 40 songs, but sometimes the selections surprise, as was the case with a 2007 "American Idol" rendition of "Float On." (A reliably surly Isaac Brock later dismissed upset fans by saying they can go and "write their own song and not let [American Idol] use it.")

"Float On" was a downright conventional choice compared to last night's selection, though: "I'm Good, I'm Gone" by Swedish pop-singer and Internet favorite Lykke Li, whose never had anywhere near this kind of stateside exposure before. The video depicts the "American Idol" contestants at their fictional day jobs, with fading early favorite Danny Gokey cast as the world's worst mason (maybe he should have used cream-city brick).

Check out the video here.

h/t: Entire Internet.


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