Who Are These Brewers?

Apr. 27, 2009
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Things I never thought I'd see this season but happened at Miller Park tonight:

*An intentional walk to Jason Kendall (hitting .173) to get to Craig Counsell (hitting .250)

*Jorge Julio having a 1-2-3, 14 pitch (10 for strikes) and one strikeout inning

*Corey Hart taking not one or two, but three walks (He of the quote last October: "I'm not going to sit there and walk, though.")

*A Brewers manager risking outs on the bases by sending Corey to steal not once, but twice with Braun at bat and less than two outs.

Intentionally walking Prince Fielder - 0-4 on the night and hitting .225 on the season with 3 HR - to get to Cam, who was on base twice tonight, had an RBI and is hitting .313 with 5 HR on the season

*Jorge Julio getting the win!


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