All-Star Voting - Vote Brewers and Royals

May. 3, 2009
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You'll remember that last season I proposed a deal between Brewers fans and Royals fans to facilitate our small-town players in getting All-Star votes.

Well I'm a bit more on the ball this year and All-Star voting started before the first month of the season ended, so it's time once again to band together.

I fill out more than my fair share of ASG ballots because the Brewers give out raffle tickets for every 10 you turn in to a designated table at each game. Each night a winner if pulled and the prizes are signed baseballs, game-worn jerseys and other pretty darn cool things, especially since they're free. I can't resist a good raffle.

Because I fill out so many, I don't spend time picking and choosing AL players. Frankly, I don't care enough to do so. Instead of "wasting" my vote by just punching out random chads, I figure I should use my laziness for the good of others.

Both Milwaukee and Kansas City are like forgotten red-headed step-children when it comes to national media attention and therefore are often under-represented at the ASG. It our goal to prevent that and help each other out.

Royal Blues is the KC blog and they'll be pimping us out in the same manor.

Vote Brewers and Royals


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