Acting through Sign: Children of a Lesser God

May. 7, 2009
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I find myself just a couple of hours from seeing Soulstice Theatre’s production of Children of a Lesser God. It’s been decades since the William Hurt/Marlee Matlin film adaptation came out and I don’t recall ever seeing it all the way through, but the whole thing still sounds very ‘80’s to me . . . and the Soulstice production should be really interesting, though. According to Soulstice board member Margaret Casey%u2028, the lead actors have learned sign language specifically for the film. It’s an interesting challenge for actors to deliver lines in sign language . . .  should make for a more physical feel for the dialogue. The intimate confines of Soulstice’s studio theatre could really amplify the intensity of visual line delivery.

I’m looking forward to it  . . . and will post a review of the show tomorrow.

Soulstice Theatre’s production of Children of a Lesser God runs through May 16th at the Marian Center for Nonprofits.


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