Hello Dali: Touring Weirdness comes to Stonefly

May. 13, 2009
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Speaking as someone who has been forced to see a lot of touring shows coming-in from New York, it’s always nice to see smaller touring shows coming through town from other places. It would even be nice to see one of these shows some time . . . all too often, touring shows from other states end up in town for one weekend with little to no advanced press releases and well . . . the notice is just too short to go and see something in the back room of a  bar a couple of hours before opening curtain. . .

This being the case, I’m happy that Insurgent Theatre has made announcment of a touring show from Minneapolis that’s coming through town AT THE END OF THE MONTH . . . sure it’s going on at 9pm on a Sunday night in Riverwest, but it might be worth a glance: it sounds weird.

The group in question is Bedlam Theatre. They’re doing a show called Dali’s Liquid Ladies. The premise, without getting into too much detail, is based on an actual premise. The 1939 world’s fair in New York—Salvador Dali had created a surrealist funhouse featuring topless mermaids swimming around in a giant tank. And the premise for the show is that they’re plotting to kill Dali. Fun.

The Show is only $7. It comes to Stonefly Brewery on 735 East Center St. Sunday May 24th at 9pm.


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