Trutheatertheater: More Weirdness from Out of State Next Month

May. 14, 2009
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I’d mentioned yesterday that the traveling show from Minneapolis that’s making it here next week courtesy of Bedlam Theatre.

Next month, there’s more: Providence, Rhode Island group Trutheatertheater comes to town Tuesday, June 2nd for a 40 minute show that costs $7.

Trutheatertheater will be performing The Unbroken Cycle of Broken Things . . . don’t know much about it but judging from the press release it definitely sounds . . . oddly pleasing. The premise is this: a thief, an alchemist and an albatross walk out of a tree. Why? Evidently a cold soul was about to chop it down and set fire to it for warmth. It’s a show that mixes acting with puppetry and novel costuming. Should be interesting . . .

The Unbroken Cycle of Broken Things
comes to The Borg Ward on 823 West National June 2nd at 7pm.


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