One Formula for Targeting Customers with Music

May. 17, 2009
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My friend Andy Joanis flagged an interesting little passage from a lengthy New York Timesarticle about a New York restaurant, DBGB, that leaves nothing to chance. That music is used to target a certain clientele won't surprise anyone, but the formula this restaurateur touts isn't completely intuitive:  
For restaurants, music is one way to influence who shows up, or at least who comes back. You can aim at a demographic group by playing music that was beloved by its members when they were about 15 years old the age when fandom typically leaves its most vivid tattoo. By that logic, DBGB is not exactly laying a welcome mat for the just-out-of-college set. There is little in the playlist that was recorded in the last 10 years.

That is no accident.

Its hard to get a liquor license around here, as you may know, Mr. Traussi says, and one of the things I heard when I canvassed people who live here is, Youll get kids in trucker hats and theyre never going to eat food and youre going to turn into a bar before you know it. I think thats an important concern. Were not looking for that kid, right out of school who is 22 or 23. I think music is an important way to run a food-centric restaurant rather than a bar-centric restaurant."


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