Milwaukee Comedy Fest Fundraiser

May. 20, 2009
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The standard theatre season continues to phase into the Summer season. As light as things can be this time of year, it still surprises me when certain days end up being packed with openings. Such is the case with the last weekend in May, which just happens to have like . . . six different shows opening. I will only be abl to make it to a few, but here’s one that I really wish I could make it to.

The Milwaukee Comedy Fest is hosting a pair of fundraising performances on May 30th. The show will feature sketch and improv by Milwaukee area groups. There’s a show at 7pm and another at 10pm at the Off Broadway Theatre, which is particularly good if you happen to be seeing something else that night and don’t have to get up early the next morning. The shows cost $7 per ticket (you can get a pass for both shows for $12) All proceeds go to the Milwaukee Comedy Fest. In addition to raising funds for the Comedy Fest, it's another opportunity to see sketch and improv in a cozy, intimate setting . . .and door prizes include tickets for the fest, which could end up being a really good deal for people paying $7 for th fundraiser. I've already agreed to go to an indie drama at Carte Blanche Studio that evening, but there's an opportunity to see the earlier show if I haven't already decided to see Insurgent/Alamo Basement's newest Play In A Day thing . . . and there are a few others shows opening . . . busy weekends are always such a mess . . .


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