Interview: Art, Film, Music, Fashion @Sweet 16 Party

May. 28, 2009
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Crossing the country form Portland, Oregon hoping to find fresh opportunities, Jason Burczyk traveled home to Milwaukee. The 2006 UW-Milwaukee Film and Graphic Design graduate participated in the University's DIVA program, an intensive field of study geared towards developing an advertising career through multiple art medias. This background enabled Burczyk to become Creative Director of four salons owned by Tom Miller here in the city's heart. The quartet of salons operates on the East Side, Downtown, and Brady Street but Beauty on Farwell Avenue hosts an art event every year. This year marks their 16th anniversary sponsoring art, film, music and fashion, completely free of charge, which Burczyk delighted in coordinating for Miller as the Creative Director. Burczyk now reveals why the Sweet 16 party at Beauty on Saturday, May 30th will be the event of the evening.

Q: Why sponsor an art party?

A: My friend Tom Miller asked me to be the Creative Director for his four salons, which involves graphics, photography, design and participating in fashion and bridal shows. Then he told me about the annual party. When he mentioned this was the 16th annual party for his salon, Beauty, I asked him if we could do this bigger than before, and I started working on this four months ago. We try to show artists⎯ painters, printmakers and photographers⎯ and all the sales go right back to them. It's an event to give back to the community.

Q: How does a beauty salon host a Sweet 16 Party like this?
A: We have three floors on Farwell (1633 Farwell Avenue, near Brady) and we rearrange and use all three floors. Take out all the equipment. We turn the entire salon into a gallery where each artist designs his or her own room. Right now we have about 12 to 13 artists, including several video artists.

Q: And where does the film and music fit into the evening?
A: Two independent designers, Amanda Egan from Mink Clothing and Judi Rath from Boudoir Designs will be presenting short fashion shows throughout the evening. And on the backyard patio I'm building a screen where several video artists will be showing their films all evening.

Q: And the music?

Jayk is headlining for us⎯he'll play about an hour with two other bands scheduled to play, 4th Street Elevation and Tenant Parking Only. We'll have 10 barrels of beer from Lakefront Brewery along with one of their sodas and some wine. Anyone is welcome tobring their own food, sit outside, and wander through the salon. (From 6:00-11:00 p.m.)

Q: Will you be showing any art?

A: Actually, yes. I dabble in all the arts but went to school for film, so film is my art of choice. I'm showing a black and white silent narrative, about five minutes, about a day of dreaming in the life of a janitor. I hope to do a lot more on film some day.

Q: Any future plans for you or the salons?

A: I'm happy to be involved, to do this, both the Sweet 16 Party and be Creative Director. The salons recently did a fashion show at Decibel [a high fashion club] on North Avenue where we did all the hair and took all the photos. So I'm involved in every aspect of art, that uses graphics, design, photography, and advertising. I'm happy for this and the opportunity to plan an event that gives back to the community.
Participating artists include: Daemon Raphael, Donna Marquart, Rory Kurtz, James Klobier, Jen Sob, Mike McGuiness, Jessica Kaminski, Amanda Contrerus, Nathianiel Theis, Sam Macon, Dane Haman and Ashley Altadonna. Information regarding art for purchase or commission on or after May 30 contact:


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