Walker Who?

Jun. 10, 2009
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Good thing Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is launching his sixth annual Tourism Ride next week, allegedly to promote Milwaukee County’s hotspots, and not the county executive’s campaign for governor.

Because according to a new poll by Daily Kos/Research 2000, Wisconsin voters have no idea who he is. A full 51% have no opinion of the perpetual candidate and constant Tweeter. Those who do know him seem to be Republican—although 41% of them say they have no opinion of him.

And even though Gov. Jim Doyle has a 43%/48% favorable/unfavorable rating, he still trounces Walker in a hypothetical match-up 48%-36%. Lieutenant Gov. Barbara Lawton, who is also a virtual unknown to Wisconsinites, beat Walker 44%-35%, too. Both Doyle and Lawton beat potential Republican challenger Mark Neumann by similar margins.

This shows that voters are rejecting old-school, conservative Republicans just because they’re Republican. Doesn’t matter if they know them, doesn’t matter if they know the Democratic candidate, doesn’t matter that Doyle is viewed unfavorably: put an R behind you’re name and you’re unpopular.

And Walker’s unknown, too, despite making headlines around the state for rejecting, then backtracking, then rejecting once again federal stimulus funds. His Harley ride around the state—remember, folks, that it isn’t a campaign tour, which he already tried and Tweeted about—is coming at a good time for Walker. Wonder how that happened? Hmmm….


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