Boulevard Theatre's AUDITION IDOL

Jun. 13, 2009
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The Boulevard Theatre recently announced that its final production of the season, Stations of the Cross broke all previous records and now stands as its most successful production ever. The extended run of its show sold-out within 36 hours of being announced. Coming off the biggest success in its history, the Boulevard will be hosting an interesting program at the end of the month in what is fast becoming a very, very crowded weekend.

June 25 – 28, the Boulevard will be hosting Audition Idol—a program patterned after a certain perplexingly successful TV show. Idol will feature a panel of established judges critiquing a series of hopeful actors in a series of shows designed to give audiences some insight into the auditioning process.

Meet The Judges:

Debra Babich is an actress who has appeared onstage with a number of different companies over the years. She’s appearing in Next Act’s Seven Stories next season.  She has a pleasant demeanor that would seem to make her one of the nicer judges.

Tom Dillon recently appeared as the title character in Boulevard’s production of Thom Paine. Anyone with enough resilience t o perform a feature-length solo monologue has a great deal of fortitude as a performer, but it remains to be seen how Dillon’s personality will manifest as a judge in this kind of situation.

David Flores is a talented actor who has performed memorably in a number of different productions—from a memorable run as a male lead in a Boulevard production of contemporary drama Theatre District to an equally memorable performance as the male lead in an Off the Wall production of Richard III, Flores is an instantly recognizable figure. A personality like Flores would be interesting as a particularly harsh judge, but precisely how harsh he will be (if at all) is uncertain.

Kirsten Mulvey has served Milwaukee area theatre both in the office and onstage numerous times. Being someone familiar with multiple ends of local theatre, her insights as a judge could be particularly interesting.

Jan Nelson currently serves as Professor of Theatre and Director of Theatre Programming for Wisconsin Lutheran College. She has also appeared onstage numerous times. Classes she teaches for WLC include acting at all levels. Someone serving a professional teaching capacity should be invaluable to the panel.

Performances of Audition Idol run from June 25th through June 28th at the Boulevard Theatre. Admission is $10. 

TOMORROW: Meet the Auditioning Actors who will be facing these judges.


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