Audition Idol: Meet the Actors

Jun. 14, 2009
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As mentioned yesterday, The Boulevard Theatre will be hosting a weekend of staged auditions patterned after a certain bafflingly popular TV show.  Yesterday’s listing of judges featured in the program is followed today by a list of some of the actors who will be facing them. Here are some of the personalities competing in the program—

Michael Chobanoff
Is a towering local actor—instantly recognizable in bald head and goatee. He’s made it to the stage a number of times over the years playing such roles as C.S. Lewis (with Acacia in a production of Shadowlands,) the title role of Jake in a Sunset Playhouse production of Jake’s Women and the husband of the title character in a Boulevard Theatre production of The Constant Wife. 

Lisa Golda
Is already an accomplished actress and singer from elsewhere in the Midwest who is currently registered in Facebook as residing in Sheboygan. As near as I can tell, she hasn’t done much work in Milwaukee recently, but she made a memorable impression in Soulstice Theatre’s recent production of Lend Me A Tenor.   

Stephanie Graham   
May, in fact, be the type of auditioning actor you’d like to have a beer with. She writes. She’s from Ohio. She’s into theatre. She’s presumably the same Stephanie Graham who writes news for various local outlets. Who couldn’t trust a journalist?

Mandy Marcuccilli-Strop
Recently appeared in a production of Our Town with the Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa, but what impresses me the most about her is that she was one of the people credited with choreographing Carte Blanche’s production of Cabaret (which continues to run through the end of the summer.) The variety of what she and the other two choreographers were able to do with such a limited space is positively jaw-dropping.

Katie Merriman
Has the kind of warm stage presence that works particularly well in smller venues like the Boulevard  Recently appeared in the Boulevard’s record-setting productions of Stations of the Cross and The Constant Wife.


Performances of Audition Idol run from June 25th through June 28th at the Boulevard Theatre. Admission is $10. 



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