Outraged on Earmarks

Jun. 16, 2009
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Iím outraged. As the Journal Sentinel put it in their screaming headline this morning, ďState budget deal bought with earmarks.Ē

The nerve!

Who do these Assembly Democrats think they are!?!? Slipping $5,000 grants to food pantries in the middle of the night. Or $10,000 for a generator in Jefferson County! Money for an emergency shelter, the Racine Cops-n-Kids Reading Program, safety grants for dams around the state, funding for the AIDS Networkóeven money for teachers who work with poor kids. Can you believe theyíll earn something like $12 an hour when all is said and done?

The horrors!

Things get really dicey when you start looking at the big money. Thereís $2 million for the Milwaukee Workforce Investment Board, provided the city of Milwaukee kicks in some money, too. And $5 million of tax breaks will likely go to the Kenosha Development Opportunity Zone, which is trying to attract new businesses to that distressed town. Thereís another $5 million in tax incentives for businesses that locate in Janesvilleís development zone.

Isnít that socialism? Or something?

What happened to the good old days, when Republicans added real goodies to the budget in the middle of the night. You know, tax breaks for people who buy gold bullion. Let the folks at the food pantries eat bullion, I guess.


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