More Freebies from Beck

Jul. 13, 2009
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Perhaps jealous of all the buzz Radiohead gets whenever that band so much as offers a free JPG download on its Web site, Beck has upped his online game this summer, unleashing an onslaught of freebies, almost all of which are good enough to charge for. He re-launched his site in June with a "Record Club" where a different band is enlisted to cover a classic album in day, beginning with his own take on The Velvet Underground & Nico, which touts some surprisingly thoughtful, decidedly Beck-like rearrangements and nice video accompaniments, then he began offering some unsurprisingly eclectic (but very worthwhile remixes) DJ mixes. Now he's also sharing an acoustic (read: Danger Mouse-free), song-for-song remake of most recent album, Modern Guilt. It's a good time to be a Beck fan.


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