Dead Man's Carnival Lives on August 1st

Jul. 18, 2009
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As some awaken from having enjoyed the many retro flavors of Christmas In July with the Brew City Bombshells at Stonefly last night, others are preparing for a similarly exotic evening’s entertainment just a couple of weeks away. Two weeks from lastnight (August 1st) at the Stonefly Brewery: fire, magic, burlesque and that sort of thing as Dead Man’s Carnival will be doing a performance.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a performance by these guys before, but true to form for modern mixed acts, DMC has a variety of clips from pevious shows available on its website. From a standard burlesque act, to juggling to a card trick to . . .an escape from a straightjacket. It may not have all been taped extremely well, but I get the feeling that a performance like this is everything in person . . .like the old traveling carnivals and circus side shows . . . this is something that just DOESN”T transfer well to video.

Here’s a taste of some DMC fire juggling  anyway:
Welcome to Karnal:Ville - Last part of Fire show

Also appearing as part of the festivities: Insurgent Theatre will be doing a “Butoh-inspired,” dance theatre piece for the evening. Like Christmas In July, it starts at 10pm, so expect a wild late night crowd. As it says on the JPEG at the top of the blog, those coming in costume get two dollars knocked off the ticket price.


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