What a night!

Jan. 26, 2008
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Obama didn't beat Team Clinton he put the team on the ropes. The contrast was startling. Obama, with an unbelievable margin of victory, gave a dynamic speech ending with "Yes We Can." His was an inspiring presidential speech while Senator Clinton carried on, stiff upper lip, in Nashville at a disorganized town meeting.

You had to feel sorry for Hillary. It was obvious that she is in the grip of panic. Once again, Bill has made her life miserable. I pin the tail on Bill because it was "Bully Bill" who played every card in his hand to beat the upstart senator from Illinois. Race, gender, experience, finger-wagging and on and on. What came through was the idea of Bill dominating President Hillary, visiting foreign lands, giving speeches. It would, in essence, violate the prohibition against more than two terms.

Hillary Clinton may win but only if she takes charge of her campaign. But she can't. Bill's ego won't allow for a secondary role.

Another disappointing night for John Edwards, the most progressive candidate in the shrunken field. Could it be campaign manager Joe Trippi? Is it time for a quick reality check?

Governor Doyle: I'm not making this up. The governor told the State Journal that "you probably saw more bipartisan standing up and clapping than ever before." Scott Milfred opined that the "record" for bipartisan ovations--few new ideas and no expensive ones. One that I missed but Dale Schultz caught? The GOP liked the Doyle endorsement of "merit pay"! Whoa Nelly!


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