Teddy and Caroline

Jan. 27, 2008
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Hard to beat that combo. Teddy is the soul of the Party, has fought tirelessly for social and economic justice, took on the tough fights and Caroline is beloved by all.

They have told the Clintons that there is someting more important than self in politics. Infuriated at Bully Bill's playing of the race card, Ted has joined Caroline in supporting Barack. Congratulations to Obama.

This thing might be over. The dull cry for "experience" vs. the inspiration of a president who calls for a future of social justice and national unity. Guess which one causes goose bummps.

The incompetent communications director for Hillary, Howard Wolfson, said "Bill Clinton will continue to campaign for his wife." Why? As one put it, because "she can't keep the big dog on the porch."

This campaign could end the grip of the DLC and return to the days of hope.
South Carolina shouted: Yes We Can!


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